A & K Kampourakis

Our company was founded in 1982 and is one of the most
renowned companies of prefabricated houses in Crete.

Υou trust us, because ..

We study, design and build your home, with the responsibility we would show for our own home.
We provide complete services with excellent quality materials, for flawless, safe constructions, at the lowest possible cost.
We respect your requirements and we are able to deliver your new home or business space quickly, economically and with easy payment.

Qualitative characteristics of our products ...

Construction coordination:

The whole construction process is carried out exclusively by us. This achieves the absolute coordination and control of the work.

Specialized technicians

The assembly of each house is carried out by the specialized technicians of our company who belong to the permanent staff.

Quality certificates

The production and assembly of the houses is under constant control which guarantee the quality of the individual materials, but also of the completed houses.

Energy saving

The houses of our building system stand out for their high thermal insulation properties, which solve the problems of the continuous increase of energy costs.

A & K Kampourakis with many years of experience guarantees a construction with:

  • Unlimited durability
  • High quality materials
  • Guaranteed quality of work

Within only a few weeks we deliver the key to your new home with significant economic benefits compared with conventional constructions, clearly defined, without surprises or overruns.

Our constructions provide particularly reduced operation and maintenance costs, excellent quality of construction characterized by high aesthetics and maximum resistance to stress.

Contact us for information or plan a visit to our site, where a specialized consultant will be at your disposal to organize the construction of your new home.

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